Tips for Classic Car Storage


Your cherished and valuable classic, vintage, antique or rare car deserves the best of care while in storage.  Here are some reasons why paying attention to the details of where and how your valued car is stored will pay dividends:

  • batteries do not like being completely discharged (in other words, going flat) so to keep them in good condition, keep batteries on a trickle charge with a battery conditioner plugged into the mains.  If a battery is completely discharged it deteriorates internally and will need to be replaced;
  • tyres should be stored in the dark because the light deteriorates the side walls so having them covered preserves their lifetime;
  • tyres’ lifetime can also be preserved if the weight of the car is taken off so give consideration to your classic car being stored on axle stands;
  • ensure your vintage car is thoroughly cleaned and dried before storage to ensure moisture does not have the opportunity to rust panels and chrome items;
  • after cleaning spray your classic car’s chrome with a water displacement fluid such as WD40 and put vaseline on the screen rubbers to keep them flexible;
  • ensure adequate ventilation to prevent upholstery going musty – some owners of valuable classic cars choose storage in air chambers for this purpose;
  • if the atmosphere in the storage area is dry and warm, a simple sheet over the car to protect it from dust and particles will probably be adequate;
  • ensure brake and clutch fluid levels are full and anti-freeze is in the cooling system to maintain their integrity;
  • consider changing the engine oil so that build up of acids and contaminants in the old oil are eliminated;
  • consider removing spark plugs and adding some upper cylinder lubricant to keep the bores clean;
  • if your classic or vintage car has a convertible top leave it up to maintain the integrity of the fabric;
  • empty the boot to ensure there are no contents likely to produce moisture or any other contaminants;
  • leave your antique car in gear and the hand-brake off to stop the linings sticking to the drum or discs.

If we can be of assistance with any of these, please feel free to ask questions – we have decades of experience storing classic cars and are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.